Welcome to Alfa Bravo Inc Workshop
Hello Creator!

Interested in making content for Combat Master? Have a great idea for a new map? Show us what you can do. Explore our guides for creating Combat Master maps and start submitting!
Combat Master Map is:

1. 3d model of a map in .fbx format around 100k polys
2. Set of 5 2048x2048 .png textures, 2 of them might have alpha channel for decals foliage and etc
3. 3d model of cubic colliders of the map (highlighted in green)
4. Skybox 2048x1024 .png texture
5. Unity 3d scene with backed lights
Feel free to download one of Combat Master Maps as an example:

Map Electro Assets

Now you are ready to create!

Email your submissions and questions to alfabravogames@gmail.com

Combat Master