Daily Challenges Update is here
Mar 8 2023 • v22.430 • Indiana
Hello! We are happy to introduce a smaller update on the way to Combat Zone release. Please see this update highlights below! Thank you for your support and enjoy the game!

Look, watch!
Get your first watch for free. Just finish a 7-day Daily Challenges streak and this tactical watch featuring multiple watch faces are yours!

Many faces to know your stats! Switch on the go!
Play with style: equip your unique animated emblem or use tactical stats to your advantage! Tap 'inspect watch' gesture to see your watch face close up even while shooting or inspecting the gun. Whaaaaaaat?

Daily Challenges with free Gillie Suit Operator
All new Operator with exclusive weapons is available for you for free. Be sure to finish Daily Challenges everyday in a row and claim great rewards every other day!

New Weapon -- Tactical Axe
Equip the new series of melee Axes: Hatchet, Hawk and Ice Axe! Use them in combination with new "auto melee bash" in settings for the best experience!

New weapon mods!
Upgrade your weapons with new attachments. Be sure to try all of them to bring your class performance to the next level!

New Polar Star Operator Package
Meet POLAR STAR -- a chilling Operator who dominates Combat Zone with a frosty arsenal and unparalleled proficiency.
Gear up with chilling equipment, like Ice Axe, Polar Watch and Snowsuit Operator. Note: This Bundle weapons have Arctic Blue Tracer rounds.

Promote your YT Channel with Combat Master HUB
Feature your videos and grow your channel with Combat Master HUB and enjoy the most recent creations of the Best Community in the World!

XP BOOST EVENT: X2 for all XP you get!
Play Combat Master and level up your Profile, Weapons and Battle Pass fast with double XP every match you play while XP BOOST EVENT is live. Don't miss out!

Stack it up with your XP, WXP and BPXP Tokens for extreme speed progress with X4 boost!

More time to finish your Battle Pass and BPXP rebalanced!
Time to level up fast! You now have additional month to finish up all your 100 levels. And also it is now x5 times easier to level up Battle Pass with up to x10 times less XP required on higher levels! Mmmmmmmmm, perfect!

New version highlights:
  • Daily Challenges!
  • Daily Streak Rewards with Free Gillie Sniper Operator Bundle!
  • New wrist watches with multiple watch faces and inspect animations.
  • New weapon Tactical Axe!
  • New weapons attachments.
  • Combat Master HUB.
  • Polar Star Operator Bundle.
  • Battle Pass Season 1 Extended, more time to get to level 100!
  • Boost XP Event: double XP, WXP, BPXP you get for free!
  • Five times easier to level up Battle Pass with up to 10 times less XP required on higher levels!
  • Weapon Bash is nerfed from 100 to 75 damage.
  • Auto-change to melee when bash.
  • Camo grind is now 30% easier!

The CombatZone has been declassified and the stage is almost set.

A huge shoutout to all our players for their love, patience, and support.
Thank you!
From the Alfa Bravo Team.