Rabbit Hunt is now OPEN!
Mar 13 2023
Join the Rabbit Hunt Tournament and use your combination of skill, strategy, and speed to win rewards!
Prizes for winning are as follows:
Top 1-3
Completely maxed out Battle Pass; no external grind required, including premium pass.
Hall of Fame role on Discord.
Top 4-10
Polar Star Bundle, Hall of Fame role on Discord.
To participate in this event, please do the following:
- Go to the Shooting Range via your Gunsmith modifications.
- Once you are in the Shooting Range, proceed to find the golden bunny along with the 40-second stopwatch placed above it.
- The golden bunny, once shot, will trigger the stopwatch.
- Your goal is to shoot as many golden bunnies within the timeframe as possible.
- Upload your best attempt to YouTube and share it with Discord Community.
Go to Discord and Join Rabbit Hunt!
March 16th, 2023, however, feel free to start practicing immediately.
April 9th, 2023

Good luck and have fun!

Pumpkin Hunt 2022 Results
Jan 26 2023
Hold on to your jack-o'-lanterns, folks! After what felt like an eternity (but was actually just almost a year), the winners of the legendary Pumpkin Hunt contest have finally been crowned! This wasn't just any old competition, folks. It took a killer combination of strategy, speed, and pure talent to reach the top spot.
Play Pumpkin Hunt
And, drum roll please... The winner is Umyo with an incredible time of 9.815 seconds to smash all 21 pumpkins! That's seriously spooky-fast and worthy of a round of applause! Congratulations, Umyo, you're the #1 seed in our contest and the new king of the pumpkin patch!
The top 10 players (listed below) will be rewarded with a lifetime of premium perks and recognition as one of the best Combat Masters in our Hall of Fame.
And, if you want to see the ghostly-good precision of Umyo in action, check out his winning time video! This one will go down in history as the scariest-good performance yet!
Please meet the Top 10 Pumpkin Hunt 2022 Finalists!
Whether you want to win a tournament in a videogame or get a million dollars, determination will get you what you want.
Umyo, Winner of Pumpkin Hunt 2022
If you are one of the top 10 players and haven't received the prize yet, please message one of mods in Combat Master Discord community. Thank you!