Season 1 Update is here
Dec 18 2023 • v22.110
Get ready to join the action-packed world of CombatZone! The long-awaited update is finally here, and it's packed with thrilling new features!

  • The Season 1 Battle Pass is now live with 100 tiers of the most incredible weapons!
  • Upgrade your weapons with Gunmods and show off your grinding skills with custom camos and completionist challenges!
  • New game modes -- Bomb Plant and Arms Race -- now available!
  • Explore brand new maps -- Egypt, Pool, and Highrise!
  • Get ready for a firepower showdown with the arrival of the SG-MCX, AK, and the all-new smg VKTR!
  • New killchain -- Minigun -- is here to unleash mayhem!
  • Zip through the maps with the all-new Ziplines and show off your parkour and trickshots skills!
  • Keep track of your progression like never before with the new Stats screen!
  • Plus, everyone gets the Free Ukraine Supporter Bundle just for updating!

...The CombatZone has been declassified...

A huge shoutout to all our players for their love, patience, and support.
Thank you! From the Alfa Bravo Team.